Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Happy Half Week Fawners!

Huckleberry Home!

"What is this?" You ask! Well, if you live on the South Coast and love yourself some beautiful homewares, this is the place to be!
Recently I blogged about one of my best friends and I making a trip down to Berry for the day. Well, whilst there we went to Huckleberry Home which in turn caused me to purchase a beautiful little collection of ice cream bowls and a "glasses and jug" set with tiny bees blown into them.. Absolutely Stunning!
I completely and uttery love this shop and everything about it! The moment you walk through the doors it has a beautiful smell as if you had just entered a spa, and soft lighting as though the shop has been lit with candles and a fireplace giving it a warm and welcoming feeling.. I know I am rambling but I fall in love every time I go there.. I highly recommend it!
And get this! Complementary gift wrapping! Which b.t.w is super cute!
Karen Peat & Michele Lace
Shop 2, 94 – 96 Queen Street
Berry NSW 2535
Phone: (02) 4464 3881
Fax: (02) 4464 3882
E Mail:

So bloggers if you are ever up or down Berry way check it out!
Kisses from Fawns, Squirrels and Things x