Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Top 5 cutest Blue things for your home!

Welcome to Tuesday and welcome to my post!!

Todays post consists of my top 5 favorite things for the home.


Cuteness Numero Un!

Ginger Jar!!! I love these so so much!!

The Sorbet Ginger Jar from Domayne is is the perfect piece to bring the style into the 21st century!

Now I am obsessed with Blue, so this will fit nicely in my lounge room. =)

Dont be fooled by it being a ginger jar, it is NOT made from China! This product is in fact ceramic!

(I am completely tempted to buy it online =S)

RRP $89.95 from Domayne.com.au

Numero deux!

Drum Stool!

I adore these..
Perfect for those little spots in the corner that you just cant seem to fill. These "Grand Drum" stools
come in a range of colours from MattBlatt.com.au. I cannot tell you how much I adore these!
 RRP: $165.00

Numero Trois!

This item is slightly more expensive then the others.

This chair is a "practically design your own". You choose your colour and fabric which I think is amazing!
Made out of bamboo and starting at $769.00, this chair is more of an ornamental piece. However, like everything in my house I do not buy it to look at it. Therefore if I was to buy one I would certainly sit in it!

Numero Quatre!

I know that this falls under practical pieces but... It is just so sweet.

I love me an apron! This apron captures the pattern from a ginger jar. Completely adorable.
From Ruche which holds the most beautiful items of homewares and clothing. I highly recommend this site if you love everything feminine.
RRP: $17.99

Numero Cinq!

And last but not least.. A short lived item but so fragrant and amazingly pretty!
Blue Hydrangeas!

One of the most beautiful flowers ever! To be found at your closest florist, they are stunning up against a fresh wall. And I personally liveto team them with pink Peony's in a vintage ice bucket.

I hope you loved every bit of tonights post and keep watching my blog for lots more bits and bobs <3

Kisses from Fawns, Squirrels and Things x

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