Monday, 20 February 2012

50 things to do to make you happy =)

Sometimes it takes alot and sometimes it takes a little. But what we all know is we sometimes need an emotional tickle.

  1. Do a "Zooey Deschanel" style manicure on your nails!
  2. Make a homemade facial mask from honey, yoghurt, yolk and sugar.
  3. Take a bath with the perfect book, candles and a glass of wine
  4. Go vintage thrift shopping!
  5. Grab a Gal-Pal, arange some girly stuff and have a slumber party!!
  6. Call a friend who knows how to make you laugh and ask about her day
  7. Read an old diary and compare your life from then to now
  8. Message a loved one something silly
  9. Go on eBay and buy something riddiculous that you can look forward to coming in the mail
  10. Play Pictionary with your most competitive friends and watch them fight for the title
  11. Head to your closest Rain Forest or Bush and go for a hike
  12. Go to a Dendy Cinema and see an alternative movie
  13. Explore YouTube and learn a new hairstyle
  14. Draw a picture with the special little person in your life
  15. Buy fake tattoo's of cartoon characters you love and cover yourself
  16. Download and make a playlist/cd of your favorite one hit wonders and listen to it loud and proud
  17. Go over your old school pictures and enjoy the hairstyles you once thought were everything!
  18. Go for a walk and pick some flowers
  19. Write a funny poem about someone you love (without being offensive)
  20. Go to the latest exhibition at your favorite Gallery of Museum
  21. Arrange a Spa and relaxation day for yourself
  22. Plan a holiday somewhere random and exciting
  23. Watch your favorite DVD's
  24. Go to a romantic spot somewhere with your loved one and have a picnic
  25. Buy the most expensive chocolate you can find and indulge yourself
  26. Invent a new word
  27. Build a box with your favorite trinkets
  28. Have a princess day with your daughter. With Pampering and pink!
  29. Alternatively, have a Big boy's day with your little man. Do lots of messy things!
  30. Bake, Bake, BAKE!!!
  31. Wear your favorite outfit and do the groceries!
  32. Take your camera outside and take photos of everything.
  33. Decorate a phone cover with jewels and bows
  34. Grab a friend and watch and dance Zumba in your lounge room
  35. Make a list of things you wish to achieve this year
  36. Explore a random act of kindness
  37. Purchase a compasionate gift for a friend
  38. Dress up your pet and take pictures
  39. Go to your favorite cafe and people watch
  40. Buy a glorious outfit that will make you feel worth a million dollars
  41. Have a nap on a trampoline
  42. Arrange a nice surprise for a close friend
  43. Support your local theatre and see a play
  44. Drive through your closest "Hot spot" playing "Barbie Girl" at its loudest
  45. START A BLOG =)
  46. Make the BIGGEST and best Icecream sundae with the best lollies and sauces you can buy
  47. Make a scrap book of all your favorite pictures
  48. Attend a local fair and go on all of the scariest rides!!
  49. Take a short class in something crafty =)
  50. And finally, have a tea party with your gal pals. It will make them smile too =)

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Kisses from Fawns, Squirrels and Things x

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