Thursday, 23 February 2012

Foxish morning to thee!

Goodmorning fellow readers, and a beautiful day to you all.

This morning I made the decision whilst sipping from my "Fantastic Mr. Fox" mug that I would share with you all my top ten favorite "Foxish" things. Some are for kids, some for big kids and others for everyone.. (I would say all are for everyone based on my own taste, but I am not everyone)

Item Number 1,

This completely adorable jumper from "Jay Jays"! I absolutely LOVE IT! It is unlikely that you do not wish to play with the foxes ears too..

The jumper retails at only $29.95.. In other words: not only is it completely adorable, the price is too!

Item number 2,

Now if you are into having something for everything in you kitchen that is completely sweet (like me).
This butter dish is perfect! The moment I found it I knew that I must have one!
And to make it all the more wonderful it is hand decorated!
The wonderfully gifted artist is Julia Davey Ceramics of Etsy.
There are loads more designs to coose from which are adorable.

The price of he butter dish is $36.36 which is a great price for somethin made with such love.

Item number 3,

So this next item, you all should find youself very lucky for me to be sharing this as I have this dress. I also have it in a shirt print. I love it so so much as well as the staff at "Me and Oli".
I have in fact brought quite a few garments from them as I love the whimsical prints they sell.

At $170.00 it is a bit more expensive than some of the other items, but so completely worth it!
The items are well made and I mean where are you going to find a dress that looks like this??
It comes in 9 different styles to suit all tastes and those 9 other styles (including this one) come in 5 different prints!

Perfect for young ladies who love exciting prints!

Item number 4,

This may not look like much at the moment but if you click the link below you will see some of the absolute cutest baby photos!
An excellent prop for any photographer. The "Forrest fox cuddle cape set" is appart of a range of hand made props from seller "Calleigh's clips and crochet creations" of Etsy. All items are made upon order to suit your newborns size needs
If I had have seen these when my 2 were newborns I would have brought them!

You can either purchase the pattern for $5.75 or the outfit made for $38.65.

Item Number 5,

This is another that has made it from the "I own this list". From my absolute favorite shop Anthropologie. I have not put it up as yet because the only spot I can is made from glass and wll we obviously do not wish for it to break.

At just $24.00 I can not think of a better way to knock on someones door than knocking this fox head!

The knocker comes with a green or a brass wash over the metal which I think gives it that little bit of extra cute.

Item Number 6,

Another beautiful handmade wonder. This little guy perfect or your tiny fox lovers comes in 5 different prints.
Made by "The Crafty Little fox" of
At only 15cm High, 10cm Wide and 20cm Long this adrable "softie" is perfect for snuggles!!
And, the pricing is just as perfect! $20.00! Awww!!

Item Number 7,

This list would not be complete without Roald Dahl's Fantastic Mr. Fox! One of my favorite books to read to my 3 year old. A fantastically made whimsical book for the whole family to enjoy. And as most people know they have made a movie which I equally love!!

Depending on where you buy the book the price varies, for example if you purchase from a wholesale seller from eBay Book Shutter Childrens Books you will only pay $12.00 or less with Free postage and handling!

Item Number 8,

I know, I know its another house item but I love stuff for the Kitchen!

Completely sweet and practical these salt and pepper shackers in Pewter make a adorable little conversation starter! RRP: $65.00 but again so worth it!!!

Item Number 9,

Okay, so alot of people whom are not in the UK may not know this little guy but my Daughter certainly does. As do I from his very loud and proud attitude and quote "Ha, Ha, Ha.. BOOM, BOOM!!"

He has been loved by children since 1963 can you believe it! Therefore I thought I would show you how you can share some of this love. Not only because half of the jokes within the show are also intended for adults but he is just too cute! (I must love the word cute!)
Unless you venture to eBay this little fella is quite difficult to come accross, so that is what I did.

Basil Brush, still with his tag, this guy is from 2001. And in perfect knick!

6 inches tall and a great edition to any collection of vintage toys or if you just want him!

Only $14.80 Buy it Now.

Item Number 10,

Last but certainly not least! I could not leave this post without a little Geekery!
Just a little bit of fun, a "Tails the Fox" from "Sonic the Hedgehog" figure!
Another item scoped on eBay as I wanted to find things that we would not normally think about when we think of a fox.

For just $12.15 you could have this little guy to keep you or your little ones entertained, I think I might need to add it too my little guys collection of geeky items =)

I hope that you enjoyed this mornings post and remember to follow me or like my FaceBook page!

Kisses from Fawns, Squirrels and Things x

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