Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Goodmorning My wonderful Blog Readers!

Today may only mark a common Tuesday to you but, this Tuesday to me marks one of the many wonderful nights I spend with my beautiful friends for a lovely dinner =)
We are to set out to Figtrees CountryKitchen (mmmm!). But, Dinner is not the only beautiful thing about this Tuesday.. One of my lovely friends (who also happens to be a beautiful bridesmaid) is coming for afternoon tea which is always fun. Basically we sit down and try a few teas we havnt before with adorable little teacups.
I am extra excited this week as I have new loungeroom furniture =)

Todays special peek into the adorable world invoves homewares, an absolutely stunning piece of
furniture and.. A very fun and flirtatious outfit for your Spring days ahead!

kisses from Fawns, Squirrels and Things x

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