Thursday, 14 July 2011

Vintage toy day!

It's been a while!!

Well hello readers from near and far....
This blog edition is on vintage toys! I mean honestly who does not love vintage toys!!!

I try to collect bits and bobs here and there because they capture the mind and if there is anything a parent wants for their child its a wide spread imagination! (And maybe for herself too!)

Our first object today is actually for a very close friend who has requested I find her a Mr. Potato Head.
Odd request? Not really, I have a couple in my kitchen which captured her eye so I was sent on a mission!
Mission accepted and completed I have come here to share with everyone!

Whilst in depth in my research I came across these which I think are absolutely adorable, on a site dedicated to everything Mr. Potato Head! Awsome you say? I know right!

I have absolutely no idea if she will like them but fingers crossed!

Honestly is there anything cooler than "Kiss" potatos???

The RRP: $69.95 USD

I do not think they ship to Australia but..There are many on there which you could just look up the title on eBay and find them there.

I even managed to find the original Mr. Potato Head kit, like on the video below!

It is absolutely amazing what people keep for so long....

I hope this helps all you Potato enthusiasts!

Kisses from Fawns, Squirrels and Things x

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