Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Homeware of the week!

Alice in Wonderland for Tea!

So I promised a pretty little homeware and a pretty little homeware is what you shall get!
Whoever you are =)
So maybe 2 weeks ago one of my closest friends, my son and I went on a little day trip to the Berry Tea Shop (cutest little place in the cutest little town!) and while sitting there eating the most fantastic scons with the absolute yummiest rasberry jam I have ever eaten (Which I brought!) and drinking a tea which was far too strong for my simple pallet to handle.. I noticed to my left on the centre table the cutest tea for two pot! I am a strong advocate for drinking tea and I absolutely adore teapots and cups especially Alice In Wonderland themed ones!! Not to mention I am addicted to collecting things!
Anyway... I wandered over and admired it and another I had seen on Lark.com.au checked the price tag and thought "my goodnees I must have this!!" Thinking i'll come back because I didnt wish to kart it around all day I forgot.. So on one of my many searching sprees I found it!!
And I am finding my card right now!! =)
It is the Alice in Wonderland Tea for two teapot from Morpethteddybears.com.au
RRP: $75.00
Must have for any tea enthusiast!!

Kisses from Fawns, Squirrels and Things x

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