Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Tuesday is decor day!

Simple and Colourful takes off

All of these pieces were selected for their colour and mish-mash style together.. When Decorating I love to throw many different textiles together it adds lots of pop to the room..  But, I always ensure there is a piece that is rather plain that I am able to jazz up.
I find it nesassary to have a few simple pieces within a room, as a pallet cleanser I suppose just like sniffing coffee after many perfumes to recapture your sense of smell the simple pieces ensure you are not overwhelmed buy too many busy pieces.

The first Piece is a "Flower Weave Rug" from adaanddarcy.com.au
This rug is completely hand woven of hemp materials and is just under 2m in diameter.
(It will be appart of my decor!)
RRP: $450.00
I highly recomend this rug to anyone who loves to add a vintage touch to their home.

The Second piece also from adaanddarcy.com.au is a stunning little Pouffe in "Bubblegum Pink"
This gives a shot of femininity to the room with a useful purpose.
I have one the same in the "Watermelon"..
RRP: $184.00
At 55cmx30cm this is a beautiful object of decor to add to any room as it comes in many different colours
to suit anyones taste.

The Third Piece is a high back arm chair known as the "Riccardo" which is apparently a "his" chair but it is so nice I will reclaim as a classy tea chair for any feminine lady..
Found in Domayne this wing chair holds a price of $1,999.00
Completely upholstered in MocCroc fabrics in "Metallic Croc Onyx" as its colour it is the perfect simple tone down piece.

And the Final piece a beautifully simple lamp from Beacon Lighting at only 62cm in height this lamp would look stunning on a white or black french provincial style table to add a modern touch to any room.
The lamp is known as "Lola" at $69.95 in Aqua Blue is in my opinion simply stunning.

Kisses from Fawns, Squirrels and Things x

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