Sunday, 17 July 2011

Weekend edition!

Welcome to the Weekend Edition!
I know, I know it's Sunday.. Well ive been busy, Haha.

The idea of the weekend Edition is to show you out there an item a week which would be amazingly uselful or just awsome for the weekend!

There would be no better item to start off a weekend product guide than with a Picnic basket!!
I have chosen two of my favorites.
The first being quite an unusual option and the other more traditional with a zesty twist!!

Option 1. The "Manhattan cocktail set"

I mean honestly a cocktail picnic set! I am there!!!! Perfect picnic if you ask me..

RRP: $139.95

This comes in two colours- Tan and Black (The tan makes it look all the more vintage!)
The product is completely insulated and made of leatherette with a sholder strap for convenience.

With a limited lifetime warranty and space for two bottles it is well worth the $139.95

The website is perfect for absolutely all your picnic needs.

Option 2.

One of the most convenient picnic sets I have ever seen!

It is none other than  the Cath Kidston "Flat pack picnic set"
Not only is it super adorable but it is a throw away!!
Not to mention compact!

At RRP: $49.95 it is completely laminated so you could re-use if needed, but I mean who cares if you have to throw it away because you dont have to carry it!!!

This is yet another wonderful product which can be found on

Kisses from Fawns, Squirrels and Things x

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